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Look at the passport and vacation papers just before travelling

If you’re resident in The country of spain your passport should not be stamped. You ought to proactively show your proof of home — for instance the a€?TIE’ (la tarjeta de identidad de extranjero) — plus your legitimate passport at Spanish line control. For additional ideas, see the residing The country of spain guidelines.

If you’re travelling to Spain for efforts, check the help with visas and allows once the guidelines have altered since .

Passport credibility

Should you decide to journey to an EU nation (except Ireland), or Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino or Vatican urban area, you have to meet up with the Schengen neighborhood policies.

Our company is asking the European payment to make clear the 10-year rule. Their particular advice for Schengen boundary protections . Until then, for many Schengen region the passport may need to be less than years outdated throughout your entire browse, and 3 months after the see might need to getting within years of the passport’s problems date.

Search both concern date additionally the expiry day within passport. Should you restored their passport early, added months was added to its expiry day. This could possibly change the requirement for their passport become below decade old.

Speak to your trips carrier or embassy of the nation you may be going to if you think that your passport doesn’t meet both these requirement. Renew your passport if you want to.


Check your passport are stamped if you enter or leave the Schengen room through Spain as a visitor. Line protections uses passport stamps to test you’re complying making use of 90-day visa-free restrict for short remains inside populaire singles dating website the Schengen neighborhood. If appropriate entryway or exit stamps are not inside passport, line guards will assume you have overstayed the visa-free restriction. It is possible to reveal proof of when and where your registered or exited the Schengen region, and get the boundary protections to add this go out and location inside passport. Samples of appropriate evidence add boarding passes and passes.