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She was actually identified out and about with baseball pro DeSean Jackson, plus they even exchanged some flirty emails on Twitter

Moving on with athlete # 1

She had been identified out and about with basketball user DeSean Jackson, as well as even replaced some flirty messages on Twitter. But was she really over Nelly?

Ashanti revealed the girl album Braveheart, and she expose on an interview with Hot 97 the track a€?Scarsa€? was discussed the girl partnership with Nelly. She mentioned, a€?Wea€™ve surely marked both in this way to state.a€?

Another tune, called a€?Never needs to have,a€? discusses a man creating an error that cana€™t feel forgiven. Although Ashanti wouldna€™t verify in the event the song has also been about Nelly, she advised Hot 97 that they had been really in a destination and were Skyping one another, but she accepted that she wrote the track whenever she was really mad. She also said she starred the tune for Nelly inside the facility and then he treasured they.

It was obvious these were trying to remain company and keep affairs professional after their breakup. Ashanti also interviewed Nelly for Fusea€™s YouTube channel. Even though meeting got some awkward when Ashanti questioned Nelly what sort of women he had been keen on, it absolutely was good to see these were both in an improved location.

Enjoying the unmarried life

Ashanti informed Ebony in October 2014 that soon after this lady break up, she had been having a lot of enjoyment. She mentioned she performedna€™t recognize what amount of boys got a crush on her behalf until after she was back in the marketplace. She stated, a€?My telephone stays lit. Thata€™s all i need to say about this.a€?

She was still entertaining DeSean Jackson, though. In December 2014, these were identified creating lunch at STK cafe. A resource told the Arizona blog post that DeSean and Ashanti dined approximately 20 of their buddies.

Ita€™s uncertain exactly whenever she and DeSean went her split tactics. But simply five several months after their unique dinner go out, Instagram unit Kayla Phillips launched she was very-much expecting with DeSeana€™s child.

Ashanti falls difficult for athlete #2

Ashanti made an appearance regarding Meredith Vieira tv series in April 2015 and affirmed she had gone on an amazing earliest date with men. She performedna€™t expose his character, but one month later, it was expose that the woman mystery guy was actually previous bay area 49ers protective conclusion Darnell Dockett. Ashanti even labeled him as a€?babya€? within tweet.

Drama with Darnell Docketts infant mama

Below a month after the lady newer commitment got confirmed, Darnella€™s kid mama crisis threatened to destroy their brand new romance. Amelia Knox, the mother of their two young children, got to the girl Instagram to get your and Ashanti on great time.

Amelia posted a picture of a repair costs for your Range Rover Darnell talented this lady for Mothera€™s Day a couple of years right back. She was actually upset he wouldna€™t purchase the cara€™s expensive upkeep. She also blasted your for leaving the united states on Fathera€™s time rather than spending time with his family.

Amelia implicated Darnell of using their new sweetheart on holiday on Fathera€™s Day week-end. Plus it was actually undoubtedly shade towards Ashanti because she just thus been soaking up the sunlight in Costa Rica through the week-end concerned. But Ashanti was actually as well hectic living their most readily useful lifetime and enjoying their newer link to issue an answer.

Despite the fact that she was actually extremely enigmatic about this lady earlier interactions, she started to open much more about the lady love with Darnell. During a Dec. 2015 looks regarding the Real she ended up being questioned if she have a man in her own life. Ashanti stated she didna€™t should give away so many facts, but she extra: a€?i’ll say hea€™s a good 6-foot-four, 290 weight.a€? Along with her story suit Darnella€™s stats to a T.

She is noticed with all the mustache

However when 2016 folded about, they appeared to be Ashanti and Darnell comprise accomplished. An internet user identified the lady in nevada with Houston Rockets pro James Harden a.k.a. The mustache (Oddly enough, James also dated someone else of our own favorite superstars, rapper Trina.)

24 months later, Ashanti is noticed resting with Jamesa€™ group at one of his true games. An insider informed Terez Owens site: a€?They become 100-percent in a relationship. James try a player, but he’s growing old,a€?

Another origin unveiled James had been happy to be with somebody because lowkey as Ashanti. She ended up beingna€™t enthusiastic about blasting their connection throughout social networking, that has been a huge difference from their past relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

a breakup and a rumored reconciliation

Unfortuitously, they showed up James simply was actuallyna€™t prepared relax. In the summer of 2019, the guy reportedly out of cash things off together with the singer. HollywoodLife expected if she was seeing special someone or if she is merely having a good time. Ashanti stated it was a combination of both.

No-one truly realized this lady address, until December 2019 when activities news website reported James welcomed Ashanti to a surprise party to celebrate their moma€™s 60th birthday. Whether theya€™ve really rekindled their unique union or otherwise not, hopefully Ashanti was happier and receiving the really love she warrants. But until then, shes in good company.

Messy union hallway of popularity

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