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On the Puahate discussion board which he uploaded on sometimes

a lot of original reaction to the assault was actually comprised of the site’s userbase arguing around implications of Rodger’s massacre regarding future of the community forum, due to Rodger’s potential past use of the message board (the guy used their real label as their handle on the site also several alt account that’ll have now been his by the crafting design), which had been later on affirmed by his reference to Puahate within his manifesto.

The customers of the discussion board differed within viewpoint in regards to what traits produced Rodger incel, but normally concurred inside their perception of (inside their see) their effeminate mannerisms and general social awkwardness being the more than likely reason behind their involuntary celibacy. One consumer authored of Rodger (most likely facetiously):

Hea€™s not «ugly» in layman’s words, but he has no sex appeal. Quick lower next and gay midface, with zero brow ridge. We must look much deeper [. ] the guy needs to have received a hair-cut, obtained throat tattoos and reviewed the most effective using the sociopathic operate, that will need gotten your hotties. Unfortunately, similar to on this site, he’s too aspie to realize they. Lock your up-and discard the important thing. [10]

When you look at the manosphere, especially among pick-up artisans, there was generally an attempt to distance by themselves from Rodger in reaction to efforts by feminists therefore the news to link Rodger as to the ended up being the leading faction associated with manosphere. The opinion one of them ended up being that Rodger had been a «game denialist», due to their use of the anti-PUA discussion board Puahate. They argued that finding out PUA and deploying «game» might have helped Rodger see put, thus averting the massacre. [11]

Vlogs [ edit | revise supply ]

Rodger uploaded a number of clips, which normally grabbed the type of monologues of him writing on his loneliness and (perceived, since the guy did not seem to have explicitly asked people down for schedules as such) getting rejected by lady on Youtube with brands such as for instance «how about we babes at all like me?» different video clips on his station grabbed the type of arbitrary vlogs portraying your operating round the avenue of Isla Vista while playing 80s sounds (a possible incel trait) and drenching during the views in several venues close by the suburb. The disturbing articles of these films, which included available aggressive and suicidal ideation, generated anybody (most likely their mother) enlightening police of these, plus they subsequently settled him a trip before the massacre. The deputies whom went to your afterwards outlined your as «timid, shy and courteous.» After this browse, they kept him alone, because they didn’t come with appropriate cause to detain him. Rodger typed inside the manifesto that after that visit, he slept with one of is own pistols under their pillow so the guy could at least become various eliminates before getting detained/killed from the police in the eventuality of them trying to prevent their plans.

In the final video, the guy talked at length of his thinking of intimate rejection and loneliness. He ranted at duration describing their rigorous envy towards sexually successful men with his hatred of females as a whole, and spoke of their extreme misanthropy, stating: «I hate everybody. Mankind try a disgusting, wretched, depraved variety. Easily got it within my electricity, i’d take a look at absolutely nothing (details little finger at camera) to decrease every one of you to hills of skulls and canals of bloodstream. And rightfully very.»

Finally, the guy promised, «On the day of retribution, I am going to enter the hottest sorority residence at UCSB and I also will slaughter each spoiled, stuck-up, blond slut I discover internally indeed there» and then «take on the roads of Isla Vista and slay every single individual we see there.» [12] The clips had been disassembled by YouTube as violations regarding policy against violent threats; subsequently undeleted; immediately after which deleted again in 2018, following Toronto van approach perpetuated by Alek Minassian, whom government condition acknowledged Rodger in an online forum article ahead of the assault. [13]

Narcissism [ revise | revise supply ]

Elliot Rodger’s individual facts was disproportionately reported by mass media because the guy displayed narcissistic faculties and an unlikable identity, and this fit with their unique narrative. This has been stated that Rodger’s discouraged narcissism was an important facet within his choice to carry out his murderous rampage, with this most likely are a higher element in causing the massacre than his autism, [14] which discouraged narcissism was also one factor in a great many other bulk killings, within a theorized «path to proposed violence» model, when narcissists seek aggressive revenge when it comes down to alleged insults they suffer in contravention their increased self-esteem, a purported exemplory instance of these types of becoming the terrorist attacks dedicated by Anders Brevik, who had been in addition identified as having autism. This essentially ties in with all the usual narrative that Rodger’s massacre had been motivated by sexual entitlement, and it’s really without a doubt tough for any sensible individual refuse that Rodger ended up being likely motivated almost specifically by sexual problems (though a desire for higher status additionally appears to have starred a task, with condition getting conferred by ladies affirmation within his eyes), as he lucidly elaborated inside the manifesto.

As an away, although it was advertised that Rodger have Asperger’s syndrome, he was never identified as having this, in the place of becoming clinically determined to have PPNOS (Pervasive Developmental ailment maybe not Otherwise particular), another Autism Spectrum condition.

In his Youtube videos, Rodgers attempted to embrace a very distinctive, vaudeville villain type image. This form of overstated self-presentation could be compared to the previous incel murderer George Sodini (just who Rodger mentioned in a few of https://datingmentor.org/puerto-rico-dating/ their web listings), who’d no mental disorders and got (for the majority of of his existence) obviously quite modest, courteous, hard-working, normal-seeming, and usually self-effacing (which female may have certainly regarded as «boring»).

Similarly, Alek Minassian’s personal tale is normally glossed over in news tales pertaining to his massacre (instead generally focusing on his last internet article), as he is a horribly bullied autistic unique wants student, making reference to their facts truthfully along with detail would possibly build an excessive amount of empathy.