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Lithuania best regained the self-reliance from the Soviet Union in 1990, so many tourist stays unaware of what to anticipate when visiting.

Should you decide a vacation and would want to discover more before going, read their handy listing of 12 points that can be unexpected, surprising, or heartwarming whenever going to Lithuania.

Stern Faces, Warm Minds

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Probably the dreary winter weather is what leads to these dour expressions, but dont count on numerous driving smiles. But once you be pals with a Lithuanian, you will have a form, lifelong pal.

Many People Speak English

Generally of flash, anyone in tendermeets Dating Site age about 30 will talk exemplary English. But every Lithuanian, irrespective of how old they are, will appreciate their try to find out multiple statement of their code. Multiple Lithuanian keywords to learn are labas, meaning hi and aciu (pronounced ahchoo), meaning thanks a lot.

Many Individuals Furthermore Communicate Russian

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Overall, anyone over the age of 30 (and some from the more youthful generation also) speak proficient Russian. Customers which speak Russian can conveniently talk, but as mentioned above, an endeavor to speak some Lithuanian is valued.

Potatoes become King

Lithuanias national dish, cepelinai, consists of carrots full of meat. Guests should anticipate potatoes to be the focus many standard foods also the musical accompaniment to top guides. Vodka is a glass or two of choice many Lithuanians, and much associated with neighborhood vodka is made of carrots. So, appreciate some potatoes with a side of carrots!

Hold off to combination the Road at Crossings

Its generally better to hold off to cross at selected crossings should there be an indication set up. This is certainly both for safety, as autos wont decelerate, and jaywalking is not practised here.

Pleasant at Cafes

Cafes is found on nearly every block in Vilnius and are generally common go out spots. Dont feel just like you should rush away after finishing your own coffee-and cake. It’s totally appropriate to enjoy a lengthy break from an active day or perhaps to cozy with an excellent publication.

Children are every-where

New mothers will enjoyed the fact children come with moms and dads almost everywhere in Lithuania. Guests will place resting children snuggled within their strollers at cafes, restaurants, and shops. Youngsters sit and their households at also the fanciest restaurants to take pleasure from food intake. Whenever the temperature is good, family chill out outdoors at playground or even in the yard where kids rule.

Children are able to getting Teenagers

do not be alarmed if you see unaccompanied young ones, also children. Lithuania is actually a safe nation for toddlers. Kiddies regularly walk residence from class alone and site visitors will see strollers outside with young ones asleep therefore the mothers enjoying food intake or coffees indoors. On buses, young children often drive by yourself and are exempt through the bus police.

Coach Police

One more thing to see before you head to Lithuania is particularly essential for subscribers who want to simply take public transit. Although it may sometimes be appealing to ride the bus without paying for a valid pass, site visitors should not possibility it as shuttle police all of a sudden stop vehicles along their own course. Those people who are caught must pay a steep good. Valid passes can be acquired from kiosks or regarding shuttle and ought to getting validated right away whenever boarding the coach.

Squat Commodes

Though really unheard of, tourist may sporadically run into squat lavatories in public areas. Some coach station outside of Vilnius bring squat lavatories as does Vingis playground. In addition, site visitors which may go through a-squat lavatory should come ready with tissues as toilet paper isn’t supplied.


Though frequently an unconscious habit a number of website visitors, whistling should be stopped whenever going to Lithuania. Whistling is available becoming both rude and it is thought to phone spirits or spirits, and that means you wont discover Lithuanians whistling.