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Beware 1st Year Models(Article by Randy Wakeman REMINGTON DESIGN 700 GREATEST MUZZLELOADER FACTS:

  • 2009 Posting: CVA Muzzleloading Injuries(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • CVA Muzzleloaders: others section of the Story(Article by Dudley McGarity, Chief Executive Officer of BPI)
  • Unsafe Muzzleloaders(Thoughts by Randy Wakeman)
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  • Muzzleloading Tragedy(View by Randy Wakeman)
  • No Muzzleloading Guidelines!(View by Randy Wakeman)
  • On Muzzleloading Security and Design(Post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Dangerous Muzzleloaders?(Post by Randy Wakeman)
  • What is the Big Deal About Proof?(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Will My Personal CVA Muzzleloader Blow-up?(Post by Randy Wakeman)
  • The World’s Most Secure Muzzleloaders(Post by Randy Wakeman)


  • Be mindful the most important Year Models(Post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Shopping for A Brand New Muzzleloader?(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Just how to Identify another Muzzleloader(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Rating the Inline Muzzleloading Manufacturers(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Recommended Muzzleloader Brands(Post because of the G&S On Line Staff Members)
  • Want to Buy an Inline? A brief history of Modern Inline Design(Post by Randy D. Smith)
  • Why is for a Muzzleloader(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Just what Muzzleloader Should I Pick?(Article by Randy Wakeman)


  • Hawke Optics Deer Move Shotgun and Muzzleloader Scope(Evaluation by Randy Wakeman)
  • Exactly how Mil-Dot and Ballistic Reticle Scopes Work(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Hunting Scopes for Inline Muzzleloaders(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Leatherwood / Hi-Lux TB-ML 3-9X40mm Riflescope(Overview by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary)
  • Leupold UltimateSlam 3-9x40mm Muzzleloader/Shotgun Scope(Evaluation by Randy Wakeman)
  • Muzzleloader Scopes: Make Mine a Fixed Power Model!(Thoughts by Chuck Hawks)
  • Recommended Muzzleloading Scopes by Price(Opinion by Randy Wakeman)
  • Should Muzzleloaders Be Scoped?(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Sightron SI 1x20mm Dark Powder Scope(Post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Places and Scopes for Your Muzzleloader(post by Randy D. Smith)
  • Practices Hunter 3-9x40mm Muzzleloader Riflescope(Review by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary)


  • Savage stops 10ML-II creation: the conclusion an Era(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • 100percent Trustworthiness using Savage 10ML-II(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • A close look at Savage Accuracy Loads(Post by Randy Wakeman)
  • A Look at Savage 10ML-II Preferred lots in 2008(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Barnes 275 Grain XPB together with Savage 10ML-II(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Bullets for Deer Hunting using the Savage 10ML-II(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • A brief history and way forward for Smokeless Muzzleloading(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Essential Savage 10ML-II «manage and DON’T»(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Instant Slamification: The Savage 10-ML Story(Post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Lethality on the Savage 10ML-II(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • The Spectacular Savage Breechplug(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • MOA 250 grounds DOA Muzzleloading: Savage 10ML-II(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • New (2022) 10ML-II tons from Savage Arms(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Fresh to Muzzleloading & the Savage 10ML-II? Discover the Add-ons Your Need(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Records on Savage 10ML-II burden Development(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Dog Loads for the Savage 10ML-II(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Programs for Savage 10ML-II Success(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Quick Path to Savage 10ML-II Deer searching Loads(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • The true Tragedy Behind the Demise associated with Savage 10ML-II(Article by Dr. Jim Clary)
  • The Royal path to Savage 10ML-II Success(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Safety and also the Savage 10ML-II(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Savage 10ML-II Muzzleloading DVD-R(By Randy Wakeman)
  • Savage 10ML-II: On Primers and Heat(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Savage 10ML-II «Quick beginning»(Instructions by Randy Wakeman)
  • Savage 10ML-II, the Recoil-less Muzzleloader(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Savage 10ML-II Thumbhole Stock(Article by escort service Provo Randy Wakeman)
  • Savage 10ML-II Troubleshooting(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Savage 10ML-II FAQ(issues with responses by Randy Wakeman)
  • Seven Tips to Savage Muzzleloading Success(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • Just what Every Brand-new 10ML-II Manager Should Know(Post by Randy Wakeman)
  • Exactly what Everyone Should Learn About Smokeless Muzzleloading(Article by Randy Wakeman)
  • How doesn’t the Savage 10ML-II Kick?(post by Randy Wakeman)
  • The Reason Why There Won’t Be Any Much More Savage Muzzleloaders(By Randy Wakeman)
  • Your Savage Runs on Ping-Pong Balls(Article by Randy Wakeman)

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