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Apply for Admission as a fresher. UAH makes it easy to try to get admission.

Before beginning the job through Charger position, become an introduction to the process and go over application needs below. In case you have any questions on the way, we’re in this article helping!

Make Your Re-charger Reputation Profile

Charger position will assist you to browse the UAH admissions process.

Upload The Application

Implement on the internet throughout your re-charger condition account.

Log in to your very own Charger reputation account, distribute your application, and spend the nonrefundable $30 product costs.

Each consumer is analyzed determined individual worth and displayed triumph in an intense scholastic ambiance. Twelfth grade training, rank point average, and ACT/SAT ratings tends to be assessed greatly; however, these considerations please do not constitute your whole basis for an admission choice. An applicant with a grade stage typical of 2.9 and a composite get of 20 regarding ACT or an equivalent SAT get, for example, represents a durable applicant for entrance. UAH doesn’t require letters of advice or an essay for entrance factor.

High school seniors need to experience done this methods:

Three tools of math, most notably Algebra I, Algebra Two, and Geometry (Trigonometry is also highly recommended by the institution of manufacturing and ideal by all educational institutions).

Four homes of historical past and/or cultural learning.

Academic electives in order to reach the desired twenty Carnegie senior school models. These might incorporate spanish, education, institution, and philosophy methods along with higher-level science and mathematics lessons.

People with a reduction in the specified senior school training courses can be accepted in excellent upright under specific situations. The inadequacies, but needs to be solved via first 12 months of registration in a manner licensed by the concerned division. Instruction taken up treat entry inadequacies become accustomed fulfill level criteria.

Homeschool People

All potential college students, whether in an increased school or a homeschool system, must meet up with the same admissions expectations. Admissions decisions depends on score and challenge score won with the student’s initially four years of twelfth grade registration.

Accredited Homeschool System Candidates

Youngsters who have been finishing an accredited homeschool system or who have been following curriculum of a cover faculty are required to stick to these transcript guidelines:

Non-Accredited or Self-Designed Homeschool Program People

Trying assess each student’s tool equitably, students who’ve been next a non-accredited or self-designed homeschool system have to adhere to these transcript instructions:

GED Users

Candidates who’ve definitely not finished from twelfth grade might be acknowledge on the basis of a satisfactory achieve of the GED examination.

The required forms process for GED people matches proven within this web page, with one more stage: send out conservative video chat your very own specialized GED sample score into Admissions Office (least score of 170).

UAH are an investigation core for any GED application. Anybody pursuing extra information or desperate to do the GED evaluation should consult with any office of experiment solutions at 256.824.6725.

Doubtful entrance would be awarded on such basis as ACT or seated ratings in addition to the senior high school record throughout the junior 12 months. One last executive transcript displaying succeed completed in the older annum and confirmation of graduating would be analyzed before a student’s final entry. If, after students happens to be acknowledge into college, know-how concerns light that suggest a candidate failed to satisfy entry obligations, the applicant’s offer of entry is rescinded or altered with the wisdom associated with the university.

Submit Your Transcript & Score

Complete the job by distributing the desired information.


Give your very own recognized transcripts of the audio to UAH through an electronic sending services. UAH welcomes established transcripts of the audio from Parchment, Student Clearinghouse, and Scoir.

In case the school won’t have accessibility these services, consult which they dispatch your very own official hard-copy transcripts to:

UAH Admissions 301 Sparkman Drive SSB, Suite 106 Huntsville, AL 35899

Workplace of Admissions will simply recognize two established records for admission and grant concern. One transcript would be accepted in the course of application and will add score obtained during grades 9-11. Just one closing transcript is going to be accepted and really should integrate levels for any of school training and a graduation day. When a student gives up a transcript inside the place of product, no longer features shall be created to levels for instruction already done. For students with participated in two enrollment software, a single closing institution transcript must be posted to be honest coursework is over.

Most people accept serve or SAT results listed on the recognized high-school transcript. High school students who’ve been from high school for 5 or higher many years is almost certainly not essential to submit work or SAT challenge score.

Scholastic record for high school studies got beyond the U.S. should analyzed by a credential assessment program and should integrate a document-by-document assessment and a rank aim typical every company been to. Applicants are responsible for speaking to the examination company straight so the evaluation institution can deliver the state assessment report to UAH. Appropriate examination facilities include Josef Silny & affiliates, Inc. International Education Consultants, Planet Training Solutions, Inc., Lisano Foreign, or Spantran.

ACT/SAT scores

Get formal function or SAT results transferred straight to UAH from examination company.