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Tinder book and voice swaps between Gable Tostee and Warriena Wright tendered in court


“You appear delicious, I want to create dirty factors to your,” Tostee informed Ms Wright once they installed regarding matchmaking software, per week before she plunged to the girl demise from his Surfers Paradise highrise balcony on August 8, 2014.

Romantic tinder and sms between your set had been tendered at Tostee’s kill test in Brisbane great courtroom recently.

They had previously started viewed best because of the jury but were launched publicly nowadays. Ms Wright had flown to Australian Continent from unique Zealand for a friend’s marriage and had been staying in the Crowne Plaza resort in Surfers utopia.

She regarding Tostee on Tinder on August 1, 2014 plus they traded 21 messages about internet dating software between next and the day before she passed away.

“Can you feel a freak for the sheets Cletes,” Tostee questioned Wright, discussing her Tinder profile identity ‘Cletus Bob’.

On August 7, Ms Wright advised Tostee she had been ‘ exploring Surfers’ and gave your this lady mobile phone amounts.

He content the girl on August 7 as well as arranged to get to know in Surfers later on that night.

“Plz don’t be an old creepy pervy dude,” she told him.

Tinder messages delivered between Gable Tostee and Warriena Wright between August 1-7.

Note: Warriena utilizes title “Cletus” in a few on line profiles.

Tostee: Hey your sexy slack jawed yokel

Warriena: Lol Hey. Have some individuals (thought) that is my actual name.

Tostee: could it be? Gable and Cletus sitting in a tree.

Warriena: Looks great lol

Tostee: You Appear delicious. I want to perform filthy what to you

Warriena: That usually efforts?

Tostee: Haha, maybe not trying to make nothing “work”, I’m only saying. Got an issue with that? :p

Warriena: Lol fair sufficient. I became simply inquiring :p

Tostee: therefore you’re lower with this after that? Is it possible to getting a freak for the sheets Cletes? (sic)

Warriena: Lol probably not. Counts.

Tostee: precisely what does it be determined by?

Warriena: What I’ve had to take in! Lol.

Tostee: Let’s see drunk with each other, I’m a pornstar after a few beverages!

Warriena: Hah that is great.

Warriena: U in silver shore?

Tostee: Yup you?

Warriena: Yeah. Just exploring surfers

Tostee: Lol My home is surfers. Just how long your straight down for?

Warriena: Till Monday

Tostee: Let’s get-together next 🙂 what’s your own numbers by the way?

Warriena: (provides contact number)

Texting and something call sent/made between Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee on August 7, 2014, between 4.40pm and 8.40pm.

Tostee: Sups its Gable

Tostee: therefore have you got a big sunday prepared?

Warriena: achieving this pub-crawl on tuesday that’s bout they currently

Tostee: Ah yep, you starting such a thing tonight?

Warriena:Nah in no way

Tostee: Let’s chill need several products?

Warriena: in which bouts?

Tostee: in which will you be keeping? Could satisfy in Cavill shopping center and change from there

Warriena: Remaining crowne plaza

Tostee: Okay what about we see outside alcohol garden at 730?

Warriena: we dunno if I’ll be bak soon enough. Think about 830 or perhaps is that too late?

Tostee: Nah down the road is okay. Not working til 10 the next day anyway

Warriena: So you won’t end up being havn a huge nights after that

Tostee: i will end up being right up so long as I like suffering become okay

Tostee: See you at 830 then?

Warriena: Yup okay

Warriena: exactly what st is-it on

Tostee: It’s like area of orchard ave and cavill ave

Warriena: Kk swt cya. Plz don’t feel a classic scary pervy dude

Tostee: I’ll try :p

Warriena: could be a late merely waiting for the tram

Tostee: Ok I’m merely walking over I’ll become around in 5-10

Tostee: Name when I’m near

Tostee: Hello Cletus

Warriena: Hey

Tostee: In Which have you been?

Warriena: Umm in a store called Lovisa

Tostee: known as exactly what?

Warriena: I’m only having a browse

Tostee: What’s the name of it?

Warriena: Lovisa

Tostee: Lovisa. I could find it. I’m putting on a black clothing

Warriena: I’m using a black jacket. (Indistinct) dressed in a jacket.