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Omer: my personal love for you just isn’t enough?

Sude: that you’re crazy about

Omer dries out Defne locks with a hairdrier. SCENE OMER DEFNE Defne: were we along today? Omer: whilst sounds yes . Why don’t we wed eventually. Defne: let us marry Omer: in a few days? to Milan Defne: Milan? Omer: we shall rent out a property for many period and a vehicle to visit sightseeing. We wil check out lots of countries and we will try for canoe. Defne: milan, kayak I am not saying special to kayak. Omer: i shall coach you on Defne: Do not be thus positive you’ll not discover additional pointless people like me. Omer: You will find maybe not observed most beautiful individual than you . do not panic i’ll deal with they. Defne: I can not believe it . it isn’t an aspiration our company is making systems. Omer: sure the audience is producing. Defne: yes but my grandpa would want to read me personally because of the wedding gown. Omer: whenever we should come back we are going to has a ceremony right here as well, Defne: yes you prefer the ceremonies. Defne: sufficient forever.

OMER: yes we considered get a hold of new abilities and create good connections with these people

Sude: i’m bored all-time at home. I have to come here observe many of us. Sinan: Everybodyis pleased ..Anyone would like to see such a lovely lady each and every day. Sinan: what is actually the projects? Are you presently benefit to return? Sude: i’ve sth inside my attention but today I do want to loosen up considerably more. Sinan: needless to say you can expect to determine. Sude: are you alright? Sinan: exactly why? Sude: you will want sb to paltalk talk . that lady. Sinan: lady? Sinan: I suggest close this subject. Sude: no we’re going to talk I am able to visit your aches. Sinan : yes i decrease in love but just me Sude: was just about it over? SINAN: when I said it has got not going. Sude: inside your was it over? Sinan: SIGA SIGA BE FINISHED MIGHT CLOSE THE ISSUE TO PLEASE? Sude: okay i actually do not need to worry AS NEED Sinan: together with the opportunity it’ll be completed. Lets shut the niche kindly. Sude: all right .i don’t want to hurt.

Sude tells Jiasemin that she eventually will find a way to find a method to operate a vehicle Defne aout of the comany as she will not want to be near Sinan. Jiaseim . says to their so it might possibly be do not to share with the girl nothing.

Sinan reveals the designs to Omer. Omer is actually satisfied utilizing the design but specifically from Defne’s build. Omer phone calls the organization which will make a proposal to be able to buy it however the organization informs your that Denize has recently got it.

WORLD DEFNE aˆ“Sinan- OMEP (at Omer’s workplace) Sinan: Omer, do you actually recall the concept school that I have told you regarding it? Sinan: just. In this school is Defne but we will need to discover newer skills to make all of them much better proposals that Traba.. Defne.. are available Defne…how are you currently? Defne: great Mr Sinan , your? Sinan: how would be that? OMER: it is reasonably close Sinan: do not be envious. You’ll be able to layout these types of a wonderful build too. OMER: Sinan the one who did it is excellent. He’s got to your workplace for passionist. We will need to hire your. Sinan: i’ll name right away . Defne , have you figured out your? Defne: zero , no how to learn him .. I do maybe not see him. OMER: Defne, which of these models is your own? Defne: now I cannot recall.

Sinan phone calls the headmaster on the college and says to him your concept because of the number 17 content him. Omer would like to find out more about the student whom received it ( Defne) but he informs you that he cannot unveil their personal statistics as his style has recently ended up selling to Traba.)