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And in relation to inspiration, prime interior design bloggers know it all. Let your thoughts wander and get impressed with our carefully-curated record of inside design bloggers in India. Indrajyoti Sengupta is likely one of the best motivational speakers in India. He is also the writer of the e-book ‘The Verses of Life’, published with his pen name ‘Ron Sen’, which is a bestselling inspirational e-book in India.

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The esteemed visitors who graced this event had been senior leaders from companies like Adani, Torrent, Waree, LD Insitute of Indology and so forth. This program was organized by Nakoda Social Group. Nestle Nutrition Institute signed up Rahul to deliver motivational workshops for pediatricians throughout South India. In the last quarter, he has addressed over 300 medical doctors on the topic – ‘importance to collaborate with all stakeholders to deal with issues of deficiency in vitamin, protein, iron etc’.

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They are the promising dreamers possessing unimaginable potentials that might be transformed right into a tangible accomplishment. Encouraging them with constructive motivation can lengthen hope and will illuminate their future outlook in direction of the world. Seema Rao is India’s first Woman Commando Trainer, and for lots of of her contributions within the field of defence, she is also called India’s Wonder Women. She belongs to a freedom fighter’s family, which explains her zeal towards serving the Nation. She was awarded the best civilian award for the women «Nari Shakti Puraskar» for her devoted service within the betterment of the defence cadets. She positively fits the invoice to be probably the greatest Indian female position models.